Foundation Priority: Transforming Clinical Healthcare Delivery

The CMAF’s goal is to support the development, implementation and evaluation of innovative methods of primary healthcare delivery in all health practice settings. This includes incorporating a partnership among stakeholders to:

    • demonstrate improved access to care,
    • improve quality of care,
    • lower care cost,
    • improve patient, physician and payer satisfaction.

Grantee Partner – Healthcare Collaborative of Greater Columbus (HCGC)

HCGC is an independent not-for-profit organization committed to transforming the quality, delivery and affordability of healthcare to ensure that all people in Central Ohio have the best healthcare experience possible. They seek to improve the quality, delivery, and affordability of healthcare by bringing public and private providers, payers, purchasers and consumers together to learn and share information around innovative best practices, the latest research and policies, and the impact of lessons learned for patient and provider. As a catalyst, convener and coordinator of healthcare transformation and learning, HCGC supports healthcare improvement knowledge through:

  • collaborative learning groups, strategic consulting/facilitation,
  • the sharing of quality improvement data, and
  • the use of common tools and technology. 

To support this priority and HCGC’s effort to transform healthcare quality, delivery, and affordability, click here.