Funding Opportunities

How to Apply for YAC Funding

The deadline to receive grants is the last Wednesday of each month.  Grants are due to the Foundation offices by 4:00pm (postmarks are not accepted). 

Applications can be sent via any of the following mediums:  

Fax: 614.643.3804   
Mail: Ann Eliot

         Development and Program Administrator
         Columbus Medical Association Foundation
         1390 Dublin Rd.
         Columbus, OH 43215 

Who Can Apply for Funding?

The applicant must be a 501(c)(3) organization (not a private foundation),
or be a county/state/or federal government agency. 

What are the YAC Funding Requirements?

  • The projects/programs MUST target youth and youth health priorities
  • Material MUST be age appropriate
  • The CMAF YAC does NOT fund:
    - Individuals
    - Private Foundations
    - Religious or political activities
    - Ongoing operating funds
    - Indirect or administrative overhead costs
    - Deficits, endowments or research 

What are the YAC Funding Guidelines?

  • Grants should not exceed $2,000.00 and are typically for workshops or projects within the school, non-profit, and/or youth group
  • Youth leadership in the development and implementation of the project is strongly encouraged
  • Sponsorships should not exceed $2,000.00 and must be community-wide and all-inclusive events
  • Sponsorships must include the use of YAC logos in all publicity, booths at the event, and provide appropriate recognition